Personal Services

Shopping and Errands

We Can Shop for You!

When you need something right away but don’t have wheels of your own, we can help. Our shopping service is designed to offer customers the lowest possible cost to get an item from a local store to where they need it. If the thing you need can be purchased for $10 or less, and if you have a valid credit or debit card to secure the transaction, we can almost always purchase the item and present a receipt for reimbursement. It’s also possible with some merchants to place an order by telephone and pay for it using a card, and that will save time and money–otherwise, the driver has to travel to the customer’s location and get money to complete a shopping transaction, and the meter starts running when the driver departs to go to the store. If the merchandise has been paid for and simply needs to be picked up and delivered, the meter will run only from the time the driver leaves the store to make the delivery. Shopping and delivery charges are generally based on the rates that Uptown Taxi routinely charges for passenger fares, but discounts are available for on-going, repeat business.

Some Restrictions and Limitations:

Uptown Taxi will not purchase or deliver alcohol, and cannot obtain any tobacco product on behalf of a customer without prior confirmation of legal age status–i.e., customer must show valid ID before the purchase is made. Other prohibited items include any kind of explosives or firearms, toxic substances, or prescription drugs except when obtained directly from a pharmacy. We reserve the right to refuse any request for shopping or delivery service for any reason, or for no reason.

We Can Complete Deliveries Locally or Out-of-Town:

Uptown Taxi is ready to go almost anywhere at almost any time to serve one of its customers. In many cases, we can offer a very sensible and efficient alternative to overnight couriers. Every situation is different. We encourage you to talk to us about what you need, and let us propose a solution that makes sense for everybody.

Discounts for Regular Customers:

If you want to use Uptown Taxi to transport your children to and/or from school every day, or to complete any other recurrent and routine task competently and reliably, we can probably offer a discount based on the frequency of the need, the scope of the service to be performed, and the logistical demands it imposes on our fleet. Every situation is unique–call us and explain your needs. We can almost always provide an intelligent way to meet and exceed your expectations.